Date Course Name Subject Code Time
19.01.2019 Knowledge and Curriculum SBCA 11.25 am – 12.55 pm
21.01.2019 Creating an Inclusive School SBCC 11.55 am – 12.55 pm
Values and Peace Education SBOC 3.00 pm – 4.00 pm
22.01.2019 Assessment for Learning SBCB 11.25 am – 12. 55 pm
Pedagogy of Tamil Part II SBTA 3.00 pm – 4.00 pm
Pedagogy of English Part II SBEN
Pedagogy of Mathematics Part II SBMA
Pedagogy of Computer Science  Part II SBCS
Pedagogy of Physical Science  Part II SBPS
Pedagogy of Biological Science  Part II SBBS
Pedagogy of History Part II SBHI
Pedagogy of Geography Part II SBGE
Pedagogy of Commerce Part II SBCM
Pedagogy of Social Science Part II SBSS