Bachelor of Education – Programme

The Quality of teacher education depends on the quality and relevance of the curriculum and the innovations adopted in imparting it, successful conduct of teacher education programme depends upon the factors such as availability of the infra structural facilities, competence, commitment of the faculty, work climate, instructional ethics and leadership management style.


The objective of secondary teacher education enunciated by the NCTE in its. ‘Curriculum Frame Work’ for quality education (1998) are;

  • Enable the prospective teacher to understand the nature, purpose and philosophy of secondary education.
  • Lead them to understand the psyche of the students
  • Teach them to understand the process of socialization
  • Equip them with teaching-learning competencies
  • Make them to analyze pedagogically the subjects they are to teach
  • Develop in them the skills of guidance & Counseling
  • Enable them to utilize the skills of guidance & Counseling
  • Acquaint them with research in the education including action research.

The critical input in the realization of the above objectives of the secondary teacher education will provide the quality, professional competence and commitment to the teacher educators.    As efficient, committed and well informed teachers they play a vital role in improving the educational system. The teacher education has to respond by preparing efficient educators who are willing to assume responsibility in the society.