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B.Ed 2nd Year Online Unit Test Results Sept/Oct 2020

TNTEU B.Ed online exam guidelines

2018 – 2020 Batch Fee Balance

     ST MARY’S B.Ed COLLEGE OF EDUCATION 2018-2020 TOTAL AMOUNT PAID (  I ,II  Year as on 10.09.2020)   Fees Balance Sl.No Registration Number Students Name Balance 1 1293818BD003 Amalarani S 10000 2 1293818BD004 Amitha Banu A 25000 3 1293818BD006 Antonysamy S 10000 4 1293818BD007 Arockiadass M 18000 5 1293818BD008 Arputharaj K I 10000 6 1293818BD010 …

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B.Ed University Theory Exam time table 2018-2020 Batch

B.Ed University theory Exam-(2018-2020 )Batch

Guidelines for Digital Education

Submission of Assignments for Internal marks

Online class Time Table: B.Ed 2nd Year 2019-2021 Batch

Guidelines for conducting online classes